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Health Conditions

Hijama / Cupping is a form of alternative medicine and has been used for centuries as an ancient remedy to encourage the natural heling process of the body and prevent illnesses and conditions whilst maintaining natural methods and a healthy lifestyle. Below are ust some of the conditions we can help to treat throgh our cupping therapies. Please see the pricelist for specific details of treatments and prices. 


Including rheumatoid arthritis, promoting healing, reducing inflammation and easing muscle and join pain and stiffness.

Digestive Disorders

Particularly good for IBS, Hijama helps promote a healthy bowel and digestive system incuding easing acid reflux.

Skin Conditions

Improves skin discolouration, acne spots and skin outbreaks, excema, psoriasis and other skin conditions.


Hijama is particularly good at reducing inflammation in the body and easing joint pain whilst boosting overall health.

high Blood Pressure

One of the safest and most effective ways of reducing hypertension, promoting blood flow and improving overall circulation.


A natural and instant detox, promoting wellbeing, aiding weight loss, removing stagmentation and more.

Strain and Inury

Helping with back and nexk pain, shoulder pin, caprel tunnel syndrome and other strains and inuries.

Headaches & Migraines

Reducing the frequency of chronic migraines, easing tension heachaches and healing headaches due to muscle strain.

Clearing blockages

Lymphatic drainage, unblocking blood vessels, improving physical conditions and helping with mental health conditions.